To win this fight we need your help
We are a MN, SD and ND faith-based organiation
that organizes peoples in struggle.
We Change the structures and
policies that oppress migrant peoples.
We are essential and We Are Home

Who are we?

We are a coalition of leaders and volunteers in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota converging in synergy to create spaces for voice, services and social justice for the immigrant community.

Our Vision

Our goal is to develop leaders that bring to light their abilities and skills by giving them trust and confidence, so that together, we can create bridges and paths of justice, hope and peace.

Our Mission

By doing this work on social justice, our future generations will be able to use them as tools until the dignity of God's people, the immigrant people, is recognized. Why? Because our struggle continues!

Households who received $500 from Pueblos' Emergency Fund mapped by state, city, and county.

Our Coalition

"Our communities in the three states need a driver's license. All three states have problems with police abuse. All three states are experiencing abuse of immigration lawyers, the fraud of labor exploitation. So, for this it is necessary to share resources to the so that the community begins to have and feel more power among themselves. "


Antonia Alvarez, Minneapolis, MN.

North Dakota

Mónica Soto | Dickinson, ND.

South Dakota

Jaime Muñoz, Rapid City, SD.

Give a Little. Change a Lot.

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Únete a la lucha

Las palabras sobran, cuando las evidencias de lo que estamos viviendo están públicas y muchos no reaccionan, por qué no son de su familia.

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Give a Little. Change a Lot.

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