My brothers and sisters,

Our board of directors had an interview with Karla Arredondo last Saturday. After her responses and recommendations from people who have worked with Karla, we made the decision that Karla is the right person to take the position of director of our organization, Pueblos de Lucha y Esperanza.

Karla is a recipient of the DACA Program and I have 3 children with this program in my personal life. I am very proud that Karla is the one who takes this position because I have worked hard to keep this program alive and for our children to benefit from it.

Karla has many skills and has our same values. She is a young woman and I know that together with Karla our organization will go a long way with our work for the Justice of the People of God, the immigrant People. She will take the position on September 14. It only remains for me to say Thank you Karla for the opportunity you give us walking together in this new journey.

Welcome and continue the fight!

Antonia AlvarezPresidente, Pueblos de Lucha y Esperanza

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